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Aesthetic appearance affects human life positively/negatively for various reasons. Congenital or as a result of external effects such as various diseases and accidents, disorders that spoil the appearance can be experienced.

This situation affects people socially / psychologically and reduces the self-confidence of the person. With the developing technology day by day, very successful results can be obtained in facial aesthetics. Muscles; They are aesthetically important structures that reveal the beauty of the face and eyes and provide facial expression. Now, the success achieved in hair transplantation operations is also achieved in eyebrow transplantation. Eyebrow transplantation operation is successfully performed in people who are uncomfortable with the appearance caused by various accidents, burn treatments, drug use, past diseases, congenital eyebrows, wrong eyebrow removal.



As with hair transplantation, the FUE technique is widely used in eyebrow transplantation, which is predominantly preferred by women. With this method, which is easy and simple to apply, eyebrow transplantation can be applied to every person over the age of 18 if the person does not have a serious illness that prevents the operation. In eyebrow transplantation, as in hair transplantation, the nape region between the two ears is preferred as the donor donor site. The area to be planted is determined by a specialist by making a drawing suitable for the facial features/symmetry, taking into account the wishes of the person. In this operation, which is completely performed under local anesthesia, only a small area is shaved in the area where the roots will be taken, without shaving the entire hair. Grafts taken one by one using a 0.6-0.7 mm fue punch with the help of the required number of devices called micromotors are kept in special solutions under appropriate conditions and are placed one by one into the channels opened by a specialist without waiting, paying attention to the natural angle and direction of the eyebrow. No pain is felt during this procedure. The operation, which takes an average of 2.5-3 hours, may vary according to the width of the area to be transplanted. The important point here is that this operation produces results that are natural and meet the expectations of the person.


Person; After the eyebrow transplant operation, the specialist is informed in detail about the care and what needs to be considered, and he is called for control at certain intervals in the following process. After the recovery period after the operation, the newly grown eyebrows tend to grow as fast as hair for a period of about 1 year, and they do not stay as short as eyebrows. In this case, the person has to shorten their eyebrows properly for a while in order to keep their natural appearance. After 1 year, the transplanted roots adapt to the circulatory structure of the region where they are located, get rid of their fast tendency like hair and tend to grow slowly just like an eyebrow. And the person no longer needs to shorten his eyebrows all the time. The transplanted roots have largely completed their growth after an average of 6 months, and they have a natural eyebrow appearance and the person can shape them as they wish.


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