PRP application shows successful results in people who have complaints of hair loss, broken hair, dull appearance on the scalp.

PRP application is defined as the reapplication of the platelet-rich plasma part separated from the person's own blood by special sets and procedures.

When PRP application is made to the scalp; it will increase the vascularity around the hair follicles, while allowing a greater amount of blood, oxygen and vitamins to be transported to the hair follicle; With the growth factors it secretes, it will stimulate the hair follicle cells, accelerate the hair production processes of the hair follicles and make the hair healthier.

PRP application on the scalp will not be able to regrow completely lost hair; By stimulating weak, broken, damaged hair and hair follicles whose hair production ability has stopped, it will stop hair loss and make the hair appear brighter and more vivid. After PRP application, patients may feel like new hair has emerged as the revival and calibration of thin weak hair strands will increase.


The application of PRP to the scalp is one of the most common applications. PRP application is the applications made in the clinical environment, after the application, the person can return to his social life with some suggestions.


After the application, there will be a feeling of redness and stretching in the area, and it will heal spontaneously without the need for treatment.


After the PRP application, some soothing creams are used on the area. It is recommended not to wash or clean the application area for 4-6 hours.

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