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He has performed the hair transplantation of more than 6000 patients from many countries of the world since 2013 with the DHI Pen technique, which is the latest technology and the best technique in the world, and has personally taken part in the development of the New DHI Pen technique and the learning and experience of hundreds of assistant healthcare professionals.                                                                                                                   Dr.Kinyas hair transplantation has ensured the formation of perfect hair with the best and most effective technique used in Turkey to date, and at the same time, we are the best in the market in hair transplantation, and we are the pioneers shaping the Turkish market today. Dr Kinyas has over 7 years of experience with excellent results, people come from all over the world! It has personally global recognition and the highest service quality. Don't waste your time looking for a hair transplant in Turkey. Dr. Kinyas guarantees hair transplantation for a lifetime! Dr Kinyas has successfully transported more than 6,000 patients from 60 different countries around the world, from West (America) to East (Japan). Are you ready to achieve the most natural and wonderful looking results and miracles with our Micro DHI technology? Let's help you get those years back and make sure you have a hairline that matches your age and facial structure. New Hair, new look and new life! Let us get your dream hair back so you can look in that mirror and say hi to the new you!

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Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty
In ANDROGENTIK ALOPECIA (Familial Baldness) Disease, After Hair Transplantation with Roots Taken from the Distance Between 2 Ears or Roots Taken from Other Parts of the Body, the Disease Cannot Damage the Stem Cells of the Planted Roots
Accommodation in 5 Star Hotel
Accommodation in 5 Star Hotel
24/7 service
24/7 service
VIP Transportation Service
VIP Transportation Service
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Yıllık Deneyim
7+ Yıllık Deneyim
Saç Ekimi
3.500+ Saç Ekimi
DHI Saç Ekimi
3.000+ DHI Saç Ekimi
Sakal Ekimi
500+ Sakal Ekimi

Our most important feature in our Hair Transplant Clinic and what actually distinguishes us from others is, is that we primarily advocate that Hair Design and personalized Hair Transplantation should be done correctly by using the right technique, and our desire to bring the hair design that people dream of.

In summary; For us, “Hair Transplantation” means correct planning, using the latest technology and working with experienced professional teams. Our target is to be an international Hair Transplant Clinic that respects its environment and has professional ethics at its core. We always aim to maximize the satisfaction of the patients, without deviating from the ethical rules, while giving them the hair of their dreams.

As the drkinyashairclinic family, we always approach our patients with a smile, respect and love, we divide the work with a good team spirit and share our successes. We are a Hair Transplantation Clinic that finds different solutions for each of our patients' hair problems with personalized approaches and includes not only treatment but also auxiliary and protective additional services as it should be.

Our goal is to become a leading, pioneering and valuable Hair Transplant Clinic in the sector, where all our patients can entrust themselves to us with a sense of complete confidence and find professional answers to their wishes.

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