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You can write to us to get information about the hair transplant operation you want to have. Our assistant Ms. Ecem contacted you and sent you to Dr. While informing about the operations performed by Kinyas and hair, eyebrow, beard and mustache transplantation; It will also receive information on whether you are suitable for the operation or not.

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On the morning of the operation, the patient is told to have breakfast if local anesthesia will be applied. If the patient is to undergo sedation (sleeping), it is recommended not to take any solid or liquid food at least 6 hours before the operation.

Before hair transplantation, a hairline drawing is made for the patient who is suitable for hair transplantation. The front hairline varies from person to person, depending on the size of the open area. Hair front line can also change according to the number of grafts. Pre-planting photos of the person whose hair front line is determined are taken and filed. After the planning is done, the haircut is done. Your haircut should be done at the hair transplant clinic on the day of your hair transplant operation. After the shaving process, the patient is given local anesthesia and the hair follicle transplanting process begins.

3rd Day After Operation First Washing Day
3 3rd Day After Operation First Washing Day

The 3rd day is known as the “hair transplant wash day”. The patient comes to the hospital today. After the examination by the doctor, the first wash is done. Care is applied to the nape donor area. The patient is instructed to continue on a healthy diet and continue on his medication.

10th day - scab fall off day
4 10th day - scab fall off day

The 10th day is known as the "shell removal" or "shell removal" day. If there is no damage in the planting area of ​​the patient examined by the doctor and it is understood that the roots have settled, the peeling application is performed. On the day of bark removal, the roots are wetted, a water-based lotion is applied and left for 30 minutes. Next, the crusts are thoroughly wiped with a clean cloth and the hair is washed. The donor area is healed by the 10th day and the hair begins to grow. The process is completed with a multivitamin supplement and a shampoo recommendation suitable for the hair type.

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